Samsung are the world leader in electronics. Working with their mobile division in Europe we explored and developed a B2B strategy in line with the market growth. This resulted in the creation of numerous channels, content creation and an overarching social strategy.


Samsung, the global leader for personal electronics, appliances and hardware, wants to increase awareness within the European sector.

They required a retained marketing agency to provide the direction to create a high-level of B2B and B2C campaign. They wanted to increase consumer interest through the creation of integrated campaigns using various digital channels and tactics.

The marketing creativity and support should be completed in timely fashion to support the company’s larger sales and marketing goals during live events.


We created content, videos, and other creative assets to explore subjects related to Samsung’s high levels of innovation, integration and extraordinary standards within the business technology sector.

We provided and amplified content that was easy to read, whether you were accessing it from your desktop, mobile phone or tablet. As well as providing the tools to help people share, we used techniques such as directly eliciting responses to opinions through the content and encouraging people to share. We kept the messages simple, gave them compelling titles, and made sure the content resonated with their audience and their needs and issues.

Technology, products and solutions were the backbone of the campaign, and wherever possible, were presented alongside a narrative or story. These narratives highlight the human side to the use of Samsung’s products This approach allowed us to be emotive as well as give an informative view on the usage of technology.


As part of our Samsung work, we executed our digital marketing principles in an agile, reactive, and live environment. We played an active role at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona working on behalf of our client to increase global reach and interaction.

During the MWC event, we created:

  • Live_interview_video18 Articles
  • 36 Videos
  • 1 Event Infographic
  • Live Twitter Engagement
  • Management of Social Channels on YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn


Due to the success of campaign, the effectiveness of the MWC events, and our continued commitment to exceeding the client’s expectations, we have recently rolled out a Pan-European strategy to provide marketing toolkits. We have expanded our Live Event Management approach to other global events.

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