Let’s Hear It For The Lefties

Other / August 2015

The Organic Team

The Organic Team

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Jimi Hendrix. Leonardo Da Vinci. Alan Turing. Organic’s Lead Copywriter Ben Cooper. The common threads? Genius and left-handedness. Well, Ben ticks one of those boxes.

Today we’re celebrating Left Handers Day in a show of solidarity with southpaws around the world. About 13% of the global population are left-handed, constantly frustrated when opening cans (big thanks to whoever rolled out ring pulls on baked beans) or trying to cut straight lines in school art classes. But the cack-handers have the last laugh. Don’t believe us? Studies have revealed the following:

  • Left-handed males who go to college earn 13% more than their right-handed counterparts (sorry girls, but southpaw sisters earn 5% less)
  • Left-handed people are disproportionately represented among genius level IQs, with 20% of Mensa members being of the sinister persuasion
  • 57% of left-handed drivers pass their test first time versus 47% of those right-handed dunces
  • Lefties outperform the masses in competitive sports such as tennis, boxing, baseball and fencing

It’s believed that the right-hand hemisphere of the brain (which controls the left-hand side of your body for those who didn’t take Biology 101) also makes people better at multi-tasking and having a holistic as opposed to linear worldview.

So we’re smarter, earn more, probably more creative and, judging by the 19% of The Organic Agency team that are left-handed, better looking too.

Could it be it’s our higher than average lefty contingent that helps us tackle problems creatively? Multi-task so successfully and deliver integrated solutions that work?

Because our MD is a lefty, we’re going to have to say yes.

Interested in joining The Organic Agency? You don’t have to be left-handed to work here (but it helps). Check out our current vacancies here

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