Great ideas are ten a penny. Everyone has them. But very few people ever bring those ideas to life. It is only the brave who breathe life into their ideas, who have the passion, commitment and drive to stick by them and make them work.

Our space and team exist to support you and your vision and help you bring it to life. We help you grow and nurture creative and innovative ideas into businesses. We use our insight, expertise and experience to inform and refine ideas, but ultimately it is you – the brave – who bring them to life. The Incubator is open to proposals from everybody, and currently we offer two main services to foster a culture of collaboration, exploration and innovation.

Product Innovation.

Organic started from an idea: digital marketing is the future and it needs to be done right. Like a lot of big ideas it could have gone no further, but instead over a decade later it’s a thriving agency that works with big brands. So we know what it’s like to have a concept and make that concept a living breathing entity that people will pay for.

If you’ve got an idea for a digital product or service but you’re not quite sure how to take it to the next stage our Product Innovation team can help.

Innovation doesn’t happen in one leap, but in a series of stages, each one informing and feeding into the other. You’ve had the spark, but you’ll still need to go through discovery, where you explore your concept further, identifying its unique proposition, who it will appeal to, and how it can stake its claim in the market. Then on to design where the details are fleshed out and tested, before moving to full development and deployment. There’s a lot of ground to cover, and lots of things that can slow down or halt your progress.

We can help at any stage of your journey. Contact us to find out more about our Product Innovation service and what we can offer.

‘Future Of’ Workshops.

The world changes at a frenetic pace. For most people, and the businesses they run or work for, simply keeping pace with the change is hard enough. There’s always something else to do in the day-to-day, and firefighting becomes the default mode. But how much easier would it be to deal with challenges if you had time and space to think about what the future holds?

That’s why we launched the ‘Future Of’ workshops. By offering our expertise, support, and inspiration, we offer dynamic day-long workshops that offer professionals in all sectors the chance to meet with industry leaders, experts, and others working in their field. Together attendees think deeply about their industry and the challenges that are on the horizon, trends that are emerging and will shape the future, and how they can prepare for them now.

Here’s what recent attendees to one of our workshops thought of the experience.

How the session works.

Each workshop follows the same pattern, but is tailored to specific industries, professions, or topics:

MORNING: Future Trends Session
An introductory session to discuss the trends that determine what the future might look for your industry, company or profession.

LUNCH: Mapping Trends
Identify the most important trends from the morning session and map onto a matrix, setting out four versions of the future.

AFTERNOON: Design Your Future
Design the four versions of the future and plan out the story of what each may look like.

A report presenting the outcomes and learnings in a white paper and various assets. This identifies opportunities and risks and makes recommendations on how you might go about preparing for your future workforce/career.

Ready to take control of your future? Contact us today to discuss arranging your Future Of workshop.