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Adaptable Experts.

The people page. Possibly the page on our website you’re least interested in. Though of course if you’re reading this you must be interested to some extent. Unless you clicked the button by mistake? We’ll talk to our devs about increasing the padding round the nav buttons if that’s the case, because we pride ourselves on human centred design and using data to make our deci…hang on we’ve gone off message here. This page is about the individuals that make our agency great.

Always learning, always growing, always experimenting. It’s how we make sure we can roll with the changes and always deliver. We all have our specialisms, but it’s our love of digital and our belief in the positive role it can play that unites us.

So here they are in all their glory: our Adaptable Experts.

Scott Stevens

Scott is part of our network of photographers and videographers. After studying video production, Scott focused on setting down routes in the capital and winning funding and awards for his short films. Motion is a big thing for him. He once cycled 2000 miles in 20 days from London to Rome. ??‍♂️

Ben Cooper

Ben's our resident copywriter. He's good with words, but also branding, concepting, and pointing out the tiniest problem with something. Some would say he's downbeat. Actually he's like a real life blend of Charlie Brown and Oscar the Grouch. With better hair. But get him excited and the sky's the limit. Just don't expect him here after 5PM because he's got bigger things to attend to, like his allotment.

Clare Eastman

Clare’s degree in PR and Media Studies led to her running a heritage surf shop in Cornwall which soon opened the door to working in digital marketing for Animal. A globetrotter, Clare’s worked with brands that have taken her all over the world including DeBeers and Selfridges. Returning to the West Country gives Clare the chance to indulge her love of the sea and growing veg when she’s not helping clients with their paid media activities.

Richard Burrow

Richard takes the chaos that is office IT and creates an oasis of order, and for that we'll love him forever. Except when the Wi-Fi is down. When he's not tweaking our tech, you'll find him tickling the ivories in our studio.

Ed Nicholson

Our Head of Studio, or as we prefer to call him the Ayatollah of Crayola, is an Organic lifer. How has he lasted so long? Because he’s always looking for a window of opportunity. But unlike his beloved Tottenham Hotspur he grabs it with both hands for the win. Day to day Ed art directs the output from our creative studio, making sure our work excites clients. Design, illustration, and branding are his forte. Football, video games, and 80s toys are his passion.


Bea is our resident studio dog. She enjoys long beach walks and exploring the scenery of Dartmoor. She also loves bringing in leads.

Joe Ford

Need someone to manage a URL migration for a website with millions of pages? Joe's your man. Outside of improving search performance he likes to fine tune his fleet of vehicles.

Charlie Lycett-Smith

With more than 14 years experience as a project manager and operations director, Charlie keeps us all on the straight and narrow. She used to be a session vocalist too. So when she shouts at us it sounds lovely.

Shaun Rudden

Being People Manager at Organic must be a bit like herding cats. Only we don’t need litter trays. Well, except Madders of course. Shaun has worked in recruiting, specialising in digital marketing over the last three years before joining us to keep everybody happy and ensure we get the best people through the door. This die hard Man City fan is a citizen of the world, having lived in Spain and Australia, and visited 35 countries and counting.

Tora Saxon

Tora is our paid media and analytics specialist. When she's not head deep in data, Tora is a keen rambler and loves exploring the South West coastline.

Luka Stephenson

Luka started off in advertising recruitment in London before trying her hand at SEO and finding she had a knack for it. Although she's a safe pair of hands for your search marketing, she's a little accident prone having cracked her head open nine times before the age of 10! Maybe that prepared her for a career in SEO...

Alison Holliday

Ali keeps us all paid, and the company running on an even keel. But she does much more than run the finances. She runs the moors and fields of Devon. She recently ran 70 miles in three days for charity and does regular endurance runs around the county.

Jan Viskoper

A background in marketing and business development helps Jan grow and nurture our clients. As a huge sports fan you'll find him playing golf, and supporting Exeter Chiefs and Arsenal.

Simon Dale

A decade of experience in marketing, including digital, print, and brand, gives Simon the skills to handle our biggest clients. But he's got more than one string to his bow. Six in fact, as he used to be a session guitarist.

Antonio Ortega

Antonio is Senior Graphic Designer at Organic. Or as we like to call him 'The Godfather of Design'. Or simply 'The Don' for those who prefer brevity. Website design, illustration, infographics, there's nothing he can't find a beautiful, creative solution for. When he's not designing, you'll find Antonio dominating the studio dart board.

Joe Webber

Joe is our Head Developer. He’s built many websites, and has helped develop a bespoke CRM for a Fortune 100 company that is now in operation nationwide. Outside of development he’s a music fan and got to hang out with heavy metal legends Pantera after their last ever UK gig. He plays indoor volleyball at national level, where his 6’ 5” height no doubt comes in handy. He’s both teetotal and tea-total (in that he doesn’t drink booze just copious amounts of different tea varieties).

Ben Scoggins

Ben once travelled the world for a month to shoot a 60-second ad for Tropicana. Now he’s at Organic. Well, all good things come to an end of course. He’s currently building a house down in the Devon countryside, and when he’s not fretting about foundations he’s out cycling and taking it easy. Oh yeah, and he is responsible for ditching Dawn French from Terry’s Chocolate Orange ads. Guess it really was Terry’s after all Dawn…

Phillip Maddick

Phil is Organic's Swiss Army knife. A background in SEO is complemented by a solid knowledge of social, paid media, content marketing, and strategy. A former pro rugby player, Phil now spends more time in marketing scrums than on the field but he's still a major fan of the game.

Manjusha Kandathil

Manjusha's experience in managing complex, award-winning projects for Hilton International and working for Google means she handles the Organic craziness with ease. In her spare time Manjusha loves rock climbing, which is probably considerably less strenuous than handling all of us and keeping us on the straight and narrow.

James Moffat

As founder of Organic James leads a digital agency that brings innovative thinking, creativity and agility to a range of leading global brands.

Joe Holland

Joe is our User Experience Lead. He's fixed Dustin Hoffman's Wi-Fi (ask him about it sometime; Joe, not Dustin), and managed projects for Sony, Barclays, and Rolls-Royce. He won't fix your Wi-Fi but he will make sure your customer's have a seamless online experience.

Felix Northover

Felix is part of our network of photographers and videographers. After studying Film and TV, Felix now focuses on producing photography and video content across the South-West region.

Laurent Brickell

Hailing from the Caribbean, Laurent studied music before doing a degree in marketing. He opened up a studio doing cloud applications for businesses, usually selling products he didn’t have to businesses that really needed them before scrabbling to get a solution in place. Then he jumped ship to be a project manager. It’s that kind of hustle we like, and probably explains why he gets his fingers in other non-PM pies in the agency.

Tom Slaiter

As a digital native Tom speaks the language of SEO. But not of Spain. Despite having lived there for five years. He loves a round of golf. And if you want to treat him, he won't say no to a carrot cake.

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