Video is fast becoming the king of content. According to this report from the Content Marketing Institute 69% of marketers surveyed had increased their creation of audio/visual content compared to the previous year. And as Cisco reported in 2018 video content will account for 82% of consumer internet traffic by 2021. So for those not already investing in video marketing there’s a pincer movement going on: your competitors are no doubt ratcheting up the amount of video they’re creating, and consumers want to engage with video online. 

Now, obviously the rise of on-demand online video providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime and other networks are going to be accounting for a lot of this traffic, but back in 2016 YouTube was already racking up 500 million hours of video consumption a day and that will surely only have increased as mobile data connections and data allowances on phone contracts have risen. You’ll find similar statistics dotted about the web, but here are a couple that should highlight the importance of video content for marketers:

So that I don’t have to make this article stuffed full of citations and links let’s just take it as read that people like video and they watch a lot of it. 

Is Video Content Right For My Brand?

You’re asking the right question. Before you invest in any marketing activity you should always ask yourself: is this what my customers want and need. If you don’t keep your users at the core of all your marketing then you’re going to miss the mark, and whatever you have put into that activity is going to be, if not wasted, then certainly performing sub-optimally. 

Organic’s editing suite- producing engaging content for digital channels.

I can’t answer the question directly. What I can say is that we know people enjoy video content, and not just fun videos about interesting things. Being able to watch a video about a product and what it does, hear directly from someone how a brand’s products or services helped them, or being able to watch a step-by-step guide on how to do something with a product, is a more stimulating experience than reading a wall of text. 

Video doesn’t have to mean a glossy, high production value advert either. In fact you’ll find that a lot (most) of the video content consumed online isn’t up to the same production standards you see on TV. Even a simple video shot on basic equipment like a smartphone can work wonders. So my advice to you is this: to find out if video content is right for your brand make a small investment in creating some and then put it out and see what the response is.

Organic Studio in Exeter – test shots pre-filming.

With access to analytics on social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. you can put a video out into the wild, give it a bit of a boost with some media spend, use some clever targeting to get it in front of the right people, and then find out how your audience engages with the content. 

Should you be investing in video content in 2020? If you want to reach your audience and engage them then the answer is yes. Because either your competitors already are, so you’re losing ground, or if they aren’t then it’s your opportunity to differentiate your brand and begin to own the conversation with customers. 

Organic’s showreel of video content.

Whether you want to take some initial steps into video content or are committed to it but need fresh ideas or a hand in producing some quality video content, get in touch with us today and we’ll let you know how we can help.