Believe it or not, Organic began in the spare room of our founder, James Moffat. From these humble beginnings we’ve grown and grown to a digital marketing consultancy working with massive brands, and each stage of growth has meant more experts on the team, who need more space and more equipment to get stuff done. So we’ve been through a fair few different serviced offices over the years.
As we’ve continued to grow, we’ve added more and more London-based clients to our books for both retained and project work. While we’re always happy to have a trip up to the big city (scary as it might be for some of us country mice) it quickly became apparent that a permanent London office made sense, to support our head office in Exeter.
After trying various locations we’ve settled in nicely at LABS Holborn, a modern working space that offers everything from serviced offices to hotdesking and meeting spaces. But what makes it right for a busy and growing digital marketing consultancy?

Location, Location, Location

There’s no denying that LABS Holborn is in an amazing location. Not only are you slap bang in the middle of London, but it’s easy for us to access from Paddington Station, and ideal for striking out into other areas of London when we’re doing client visits. Likewise, clients find it an easy location to get to, especially as it’s so close to Holborn Underground.
We’d trialled serviced offices in other locations, but Holborn gives us the ideal mix of energy and amenities.

Infrastructure and support

When you’re moving into a new office the last thing you want is to be struggling with technology, getting your space setup, and spending too much time dealing with stuff that just doesn’t help you get on with the reality of business.
The LABS community team are always on hand to help us deal with the day-to-day stuff that crops up in any office.

A place to build opportunities

Your typical serviced office building doesn’t tend to breed collaboration. There’s something about them that keeps interaction between businesses to a minimum. Not so at LABS.
We’ve made some great connections and come across opportunities that just wouldn’t occur in a traditional office setting, where you’re siloed off from others in the building.
Maybe it’s the nature of the businesses that choose to setup in them, or maybe it’s the work of the community managers who work to create a place where people get to meet and interact. The design of the space also helps; the serviced offices are glass fronted and have shared kitchen areas so you get to know the people around you. And of course the café downstairs ends up being a place to unwind and network. One thing is for sure: part of what has worked so well for us is the way that this kind of environment leads to inspiration and new connections.

Flexible spaces

Of all the serviced offices in London that we looked at none rivalled the flexibility of LABS. Not only do we have our own space but we can easily book rooms for client meetings. We can work in any of the public areas when the mood suits. And making changes to the office is simple so we can make it really feel like home.
We’re also beginning to explore using the event space, so we can contribute to the community of businesses and share our expertise and knowledge, and begin to build new connections, partnerships and opportunities.
When we moved to LABS Holborn we knew we were getting something beyond your normal serviced office, but it’s really only once you’re in that you get a feel for just what a boost this kind of space can give to your business. And judging by 2018 so far, it’s only going to get better.