We’ve all heard the tales of woe from the film industry. Online piracy sites and torrent clients have created a ‘get it for free’ culture. The increasing quality of legitimate on-demand media sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime means that people would prefer to experience films from home. And the rocketing price of a trip to the cinema (how much for a small sweet and salty popcorn!) is putting a damper on people’s desire for a trip to the flicks.
It’s easy to put the blame on digital, and changing consumer behaviour, but once Pandora’s box is open you can’t go back, you have to adapt. And that’s what experts from the British film industry will be discussing at the Organic sponsored panel at 2016’s Chagford Film Festival.
The event is free, and will be held at the Globe Inn in Chagford on the 27th of September at 2:30pm. The panel is made up of leading experts from the British film industry, all of whom have experienced the impact of digital on their own area of specialism as well as the industry as a whole.
Discussing on the day will be:

  • David Sproxton. Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Aardman. David has grown the company from a two-man partnership to one of the leading animation studios in the world.
  • William Todd-Jones (Todd). Todd is a director and movement consultant, and you will have most definitely seen his work. He’s contributed to films such as Harry Potter, Batman, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Jim Henson’s Labyrinth and many more.
  • Julia Baines. An award-winning producer, Julie is a leading figure in British and multi-party productions. In 1994 she founded the independent production company Dan Films, and has produced a wide variety of films with veteran and new directors.
  • Laura Giles. Laura’s career has spanned corporate event and video production, advertising, managing, and marketing and communications for the British Film Institute. She has also produced short films and the award-winning documentary Sons of Cuba.

The panel will be exploring the dangers that the rise of personal media devices, on demand video, and the proliferation of free content presents. But more importantly they’ll also be getting to the root of how the industry can embrace the opportunities that are on offer.
With digital having such a huge impact on every sector, this kind of discussion needs to happen if individuals and businesses are to continue to grow and thrive. So come along and see what insights the film industry has to offer on digital transformation and success in the digital landscape.