If you want your Google media spend to hit the Bullseye (forgive the 1980s TV references throughout, but I’m grieving the loss of a cornerstone of childhood memories in Jim Bowen) you need to work with a Google partner agency.
You can tell if an agency is certified because they have a validation badge like the one you find on our website (zip down to the bottom of this page to have a look, I’ll wait till you come back). You can also click through to see agency specialisms and how many qualified team members they have here. As well as knowing they have trained and skilled staff, there are a range of other benefits that you can take advantage of.
Here are five reasons to opt for a Google Partner agency for any of your search marketing needs.

In One: Access to the latest Google innovations and betas

When you work with a Google AdWords partner you get access to tools and products that non-Google partners cannot use. These betas allow better targeting, more diverse ad formats, and a range of specialist services for research, customer insight and better marketing intelligence. In short, a Google certified agency gives you an edge on your competitors.

In Two: Greater understanding of your sector or vertical

Google can provide your partner agency access to insights, benchmarking and performance statistics for your vertical. This means you get to understand industry cost-per-click benchmarks, what budgets others are spending, performance across device types, conversion rates and more. You’ll know if you are underperforming or outperforming your competitors, and be able to make intelligent choices regarding how and where you put your money.

In Three: Access to seasonality insights

Your Google Partner agency will be able to tell you what times of the year your products and services are most in demand and when competition is at its hardest. They will be able to help you understand when in the week your customers are likely to be clicking on ads and buying. This will help you decide when you increase and decrease spending and when you launch more intensive campaign activity for maximum Google Adwords ROI. You can find out more about how we can use insights and data to help you by finding out about our measurement and analytics services. 

In Four: Whitelisted AdWords features

Some features of Google AdWords are not available to all agencies, only to those partners who are whitelisted. These specialist features can only be accessed by meeting certain pre-requisites. An example of a product you cannot access without access to a whitelisted agency is Google Brand Lift. This tool measures the direct impact your ads are having on brand perception and customer behaviour throughout the consumer journey. These types of insights can make all the difference when you’re spending serious money on your Google campaigns.

In Five: Keep up to date with best practices

 We all know that change is constant in digital, and unbelievably fast. In order to become and remain a Google AdWords certified partner your agency team will have to take regular certifications and exams covering Adwords, search, display, shopping, video and mobile advertising. Partners also get training and support to keep up with the latest strategies and tactics as they evolve.

And Bully’s special prize…

Most of these benefits hinge on one super huge advantage that you get with a Google Partner: the fact that as a Google Partner agency they will have access to a real life, walking, talking, human being at Google. This allows them to expedite the resolution of issues and provide you with a far more personalised service.

Go for the bullseye

Don’t think about what you could have won. Our Google Certified professionals are waiting to help you take your Google AdWords campaigns to the next level. Contact us today.