Last week we headed over to Exeter University to present to Masters students for their sustainability module. People Executive Dani Donohoe and I popped to the University to share our brand values, talk about what makes Organic tick and offer an opportunity to join Organic on a placement.

Speaking to what felt like a sea of faces (it was only 25), both Dani and myself spoke of Organic as a business and how far we have come over the last few years. As a human centred tech corporation we believe in connecting brands as well as people and we’re all about creating meaningful experiences, all whilst driving the results our customers need of course. 

A big part of this runs throughout our Digital for Good mantra, while keeping an eye on our mark on the environment, it’s also very important to us that we partner with the right brands and people that share similar values. We want to make sure digital is improving and enriching lives. Our most recent environmental stamp being that of becoming a certified B Corporation, this means we meet the very high standards of verified social and environmental performance – its purpose over profit for us!

Joining other B Corps such as, The Body Shop, Brewdog, Ben & Jerry’s and plenty of others, we use profits and growth as a means to a greater end: positive impact for their employees, communities, and the environment. 

Sharing this accomplishment with the upcoming generation was to inspire those student’s to one day create change in whichever route they choose. Here at Organic we want to motivate like minded individuals to consider being part of our DFG journey. As we shared more of what it means to be environmentally conscious in the digital sector, we discussed the possibility of a placement at Organic. The lucky students would get to learn more about the B Corp side of the business, as well as working on our Carbon Neutral project. 

The session was finished with a Q and A – thankfully it wasn’t an awkward silence waiting for a question to kick things off. A number of students came up to chat with us, ask some more questions, and shared some of their own experiences which was great. Can’t wait to potentially work with some of them in the coming months.

Check out our 2021 B Corp Impact report.