Organic invites Paperboyo to bring cheeky charm to the southwest

Devon is a great place to live and work and Exeter has everything needed to inspire a creative, dynamic, ever-evolving marketing agency. Like anyone who is proud of where they grew up, we wanted to share why we love it here, but rather than tell you why Exeter rules we want to show you.

With 122 thousand followers on Instagram, Photographer Rich McCor, aka Paperboyo, is an established member of the Instagramaratti. He’s known for photographing famous landmarks, which he augments with paper cut outs that tell interesting and funny stories about the location. As our head office is based in Exeter, we invited Paperboyo to tell the story of Exeter’s best-loved landmarks using his inspired cut-out storytelling. Rich’s inventiveness and distinctive approach to capturing the essence of a place has thrilled many-an Instagram follower and we think you will enjoy the way he has brought our city to life using just paper, scissors, a camera and a keen eye.
Of Paperboy’s recent Exeter visit, Organic Marketing Manager, Darren Gallagher, says, “As a marketing agency we embrace every new challenge with fresh eyes. We immediately recognised in Rich someone who sees things differently. We really wanted him to capture some of the things we love about where we’re based, Exeter’s history and charm, and to celebrate it with his talent for visual storytelling. We couldn’t be more thrilled by the images such an admired influencer has crafted and captured.”

How did Exeter influence our influencer?

We asked Rich a little about his experience of the city that gave birth to Organic.
What did you think about Exeter as a city – the mood, the people?
There’s a calmness in Exeter, one that you’ll see on the faces of the people you wander past nearly everywhere in the city. I say nearly everywhere, because there is one place where that calmness is tested. If you happen to encounter a flock of hungry seagulls by the waterfront, then it can be a little nerve-wracking navigating a footpath through them.
What was the best thing about your recent visit to Devon?
Exeter is the perfect city to wander around and let it lead you into its hidden areas and historical sites. During a downpour, I happened to be walking through Rougemont Gardens looking for a shortcut, but stopped under a tree for shelter. I had the whole garden to myself. With William the Conqueror’s castle walls behind me and landscaped garden in front of me- it wasn’t a bad spot to hide from the rain.
Which Exeter location inspired or intrigued you the most?
As soon as I heard about “The House That Moved”, I was intrigued. It’s a beautiful 14th-century Tudor building, which was painstakingly moved to make room for a road. I can’t imagine the logistical headache and expense it must have been to move a twenty-one tonne house, but I love the fact that there must have been a team of people who were passionate about not seeing this house demolished.
Which Exeter site or location would you recommend people visit?
Rougemont castle is probably on every tourist’s to do list in Exeter, and rightly so. But I love finding specific spots when I go somewhere and there was one near the Norman Gatehouse that I was keen to find. It’s a small plaque, which recalls the fate of Alice Molland, who in 1685, was tried in Exeter and found guilty of witchcraft. Along with three others, they are reputedly the last people in England to have been executed for apparently being witches.
Working with a creative influencer like Paperboyo is the first in a series of initiatives we’re embarking on to celebrate the Organic brand and our new premises in both Exeter and Covent Garden. You can see his full collection of images on the Organic Instagram.