Remember when video on the web had to be downloaded before you watched it? Not that old? OK, how about that even until recently watching video on the go resulted in your mobile data being rinsed, and led to frustrating waits while video loaded in? Well, as we’re all aware that is becoming a thing of the past. 4G mobile networks and huge data allowances mean we all indulge in a little video consumption while out and about. That in itself should be enough to make you consider video content marketing, but if not then perhaps some mind-blowing numbers will.
According to this report by Cisco video content is destined to completely dominate web traffic in the next couple of years. A couple of key points from the report include:

  • Globally, IP video traffic will be 82 per cent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2021
  • Live Internet video will account for 13 per cent of Internet video traffic by 2021

While video content marketing seems like a major investment compared to written content it helps to realise that video for digital platforms isn’t like a TV ad spot. It’s possible to create quality video without a seven-figure sum.

Does message beat the medium?

There’s two sides to this. Yes, undoubtedly the message is ultimately more important. By that I don’t just mean what you are saying, but also the big idea that is landing that message.
It just won’t be enough to film some rough video and throw it out there and expect it to get loads of hits, shares, conversation, and ultimately generate a return for you. Anybody can film themselves talking to an iPhone. When you see that working it is either for established ‘influencers’ (who have grown an engaged audience over time), or for genuinely authentic video – not for brand content. Your video needs to be thought through, with a compelling creative idea or story, and properly planned even if the execution of the video is basic. Without that you just can’t cut through. Then there’s the strategy for promotion and the budget that needs to be used to get your content visible.
If your audience is heavily engaged with one medium it makes sense to meet them there and then land your message. While pumping out text only social media posts is cheap and easy, if nobody is noticing them what is the point of that activity?
Video content marketing is going to be vital because it will be the best way to reach and engage your audience. Pretending otherwise will only let your competitors plant their flag first and leave you behind.

Be brave with video content

As a creative I’m always thinking about how to create an idea that is genuinely compelling, and pushes at a client’s boundaries. But the problem is unless the client is going to come with me on that journey it can be difficult to persuade them to.
For some businesses video content marketing might seem like an unnecessary expense. Sure, John Lewis can pay big bucks for their Christmas ad spot and plough money into ‘always-on’ video content but that’s John Lewis. And of course video content might not seem relevant to your audience. But no matter what products or services you’re offering video gives you a platform to show people what you have, to offer interesting or exciting content that can sway them to purchase, and get them engaged.
Don’t think that video content marketing requires you to sink your entire budget into it. The majority of video content that people engage with online isn’t polished, high spec, high concept art. It’s documentary-like footage, stuff that feels authentic, video that tells a story at a human level. So you can make your initial forays into video simple to test the waters, and try different ideas and formats.
The important thing is to make the move, but with a considered strategy behind it. That way your video content will help you achieve your goals instead of floundering.
Will you make 2018 the year you create the content your audience wants? Or will you leave that up to your competitors? Get in touch to see how we can help you create the compelling video content needed to reach your customers.