Sanchis images from wellbeing bingo

So unfortunately my internship has come to an end, and what an experience it has been. It has honestly been one of the most amazing experiences ever. So what better way to shout about how good it’s been, than to put it in an article?!

The internship opportunity at Organic initially caught my eye when I saw it on my Universities job portal. The idea of getting experience with a team that focuses on “Digital for Good” seemed incredible to me. I had thought this might just be something they use on their website, but in my very first week I spent time with Ed (the Brand Experience Director) and he explained to me fully what Digital for Good is and what it means to me and what it means to the agency. I was inspired by the way everyone in the business talked about the kind of clients they take on, the way they incorporate everyone’s beliefs into what they’re doing and the way they envision the good that they’re putting out into the world.

Initially I had been worried that working remotely meant I wouldn’t get much experience and wouldn’t be as busy as I would have liked but Organic had it covered. My supervisors, Ben and Dani (People team) chalked out an entire plan with a new focus each week for me to learn about how Organic worked. The work was so much more hands on than I had expected! I really enjoyed being kept busy and Dani and Ben made sure I was. Here’s a brief overview of the areas I covered:


Wellbeing is something that is so important for all of us to focus on. Organics’ extensive focus on wellbeing covers everything from mental health support programs, fitness initiatives, as well as keeping the team engaged as I mentioned earlier. To help on this front, I created a list of activities that would be fun for everyone on the call to feel engaged and not associate video calls with solely work. I came up with a well-being bingo which ended up being quite a hit with tasks being handed out with a 30 minute timer. There was lots of running around and funny photos taken in the process which gave everyone a good laugh. 


Organic really focuses on keeping their team engaged, something that is so important with everyone being remote at the moment and keeping morale up. So when I was given the chance to focus on what more could be done to keep the team engaged, I jumped at the opportunity. Being the month of the Easter Bunny and warm snacks, we sent hot cross bun making kits to everyone so they could get their master chef on! There were some disasters and some beautiful and unbeatable buns but it was all good fun. We also sent out sunflower kits and created a competition for who could grow the tallest sunflower. Even though my internship is over, I’m still planning on winning this.


Now initially I thought I’d be just reading up about recruitment, best practice, etc. This was definitely not the case. I actually advertised a job and actually spoke with candidates along with creating write ups and reading through CVs that were appropriate for specific jobs. Learning about the other side was incredibly helpful for my own personal job search in the future, as well as seeing job hunting from the other side of the table

Training & Development

I was told that Organic takes training and development seriously. This was music to my ears. I learnt about all the different kinds of training events employees go on to gain more experience and do some networking as well as the training required for each specialisation. I talked to heads of different departments for some inspiration and now I have way too many career goals I’m working towards! I also completed a Digital Well-being course with google training that ended up being extremely helpful and I recommend it to anyone who has 15 minutes to spare. I learnt about tactics to separate work life and home life using your technology, how to reduce your mindless scrolling, how to set goals on screen time.

B Corps

B Corp Week was by far my favourite week of the internship. B Corp Certification is quite an achievement for companies and it signifies that companies have adhered to the highest social and environmentally friendly standards. Companies are ranked on a point based system and are evaluated every 3 years to recheck their points and certification. It is a truly effective way to hold companies accountable and to encourage sustainability and promotes good work ethic. 

Organic holds this certification and are always looking for ways to improve themselves. My focus this week was to look for strategies that could be implemented to help make Organic a more environmentally friendly (once in the office of course!), more socially aware and responsible company. I ended up looking through carbon offsetting, a concept I was unfamiliar with. I learnt about the pros and cons of carbon offsetting and even did a bit of in depth research on the subject which I then presented to Dani. 

Even though the internship was completely remote, I was supported throughout. I loved meeting all the different team members, understanding how all the different disciplines knit together to make Organic the amazing company it is. I also got to actually see Ben and Dani in the flesh in my last week for lunch which was amazing!

I’m now coming out of university and now actively looking for my next step, I feel much better placed understanding the importance of culture and the impact it has on creating a happy, positive, working environment. The “People & Culture” element to any business is clearly important, an importance that I personally think is even more important with more companies introducing remote working, so it’s key that businesses get it right – something Organic definitely does. It has also inspired me to look into working for companies that are focused on sustainability and social responsibility.

So my closing comments would be: Organic, if you ever have any opportunities for an amazing, fresh out of Uni graduate, you know where I am!