Organic team working on a computer

Have we got a tasty bit of news for you! Continuing our Digital for Good mantra we’ve bagged a brand new client that we can’t wait to shout about. 

Honestly Tasty is a plant based food company that started in the kitchen of owner Mike. When Mike was up against choosing between veganism or cheese, he thankfully found a way to continue his passion for fromage and created a range of authentic cheese alternatives. 

With such an amazing product who else would they come to other than Organic for their first cross channel digital campaign. We will be running social and PPC campaigns to raise awareness of their delicious Christmas Hamper products and heading up a full SEO strategy to target an engaged audience. 
Of course the end goal for any business is to drive traffic and increase sales but Honestly Tasty is much more than that. All products are 100% vegan which means preventing any animal exploitation and keeping an eye on their carbon footprint. They’ve already got our vote and if that wasn’t enough they currently donate 2% of all profits to charity. An absolute privilege to work with a company with similar values to ourselves and so focused on doing good.

I have known and worked with the folks at Organic for years with multiple clients and knew they would be a great fit for Honestly Tasty and once again have come up trumps. Creative, disruptive, performance driven and a can do approach is what we needed and we are already seeing great results.”

Jamie Malcolm

Partner at Positive Momentum