Excited diverse business team employees screaming celebrating good news success

It’s been a long hard slog, but we are excited to share that we’re now accredited with two ISO certifications. Yes we really do get excited by these sorts of things. ISO is the International Organisation for Standardisation and they don’t hand out accreditations easily. 

Getting certified has taken its toll on the team, with long hours auditing and filling out forms at the computer resulting in a little known condition called ISOre. But the hard work is necessary to secure a globally renowned verification that proves we hold ourselves to world class standards. The criteria for such an accomplishment is by no means small and the cherry on the top is that all our customers can be assured that we provide quality service safely and efficiently. 

The ISO went through every nook and cranny to ensure all the pieces that make Organic are squeaky clean, managed well and adhere to very high standards. We kept them away from the kitchen of course. 

Following our very proud Quality and Information Security management achievements, we’re now in a position to scale up effectively while ensuring that clients have maximum security and quality assurances.  

The Quality Management accreditation supports our vision to be a sustainable business. Looking for efficient processes and ways to manage resources effectively are two of the pieces that lead to receiving international recognition. For us this is certification that also aligns naturally with our brand purpose of Digital For Good, as well as our B Corps accreditation.  

Information Security Management sounds self explanatory but it’s a far reaching accreditation that requires complex procedures and guidelines to be in place. The processes that align with people and technology are difficult and fiddly especially with so many GDPR and privacy rules. So we felt quite pleased to be able to prove our strong confidentiality and data protection structures. 

Hard work, a lot of long hours, and some really wordy sentences later, we’re all feeling like we’ve conquered Mount Everest. Meeting regulations and managing responsibilities isn’t the fun, creative side of marketing, but it’s an essential part of what we all do. So it’s time for us to relax, enjoy a few ISOdas (sorry) and get ready for the next challenge.