Like many organisations, Organic have recently made the move from office-based working to completely remote working for all our employees (in light of COVID-19 developments). Now remote working is nothing new to our employees, but the reality of being home based, all of the time, with limited interaction with anyone else has taken a bit of getting used to.

But in true Organic fashion, we’ve adapted, and tried to continue as best possible. So, here’s a few things we’ve been doing over the past 10 days:

Increased Weekly Officewide Meetings

At Organic, we have our weekly Friday Fill In meeting with the whole team where we cover Organic updates, HR, New Business, Show & Tell,and our famous T.W.A.T presentation from a member of the team (This Week At The Organic – the O is silent). So we’re continuing to have ourFriday Fill In remotely, as well as introducing a Monday morning and Wednesday “Hump Day” meeting.

These extra meetings have been great as it gets the whole team together to discuss how we’re getting on, what we’ve been up to, as well as introduce some fun games to get the team engaged. “Guess the workspace” has gone down well in these meetings, where we ask a member of the team to provide a picture of their remote working setup, along with 3 fun facts, and the team then guess who’s workspace it is. If it wasn’t for COVID-19 and remote working, we might never have found out that our Marketing Exec still uses her Heelies, or that our Copywriter had a pet giant African snail.


Flexibility is an area in which I’m sure a lot of the Organic team would agree that we’re pretty good. Whether they need to pick the kids up from school, work from home for the day, or start/finish early on certain days; we understand our people have commitments.

But now we are having to work remotely, alongside schools closing, and the number of other challenges from COVID-19 each of us are facing, the need to be flexible is even more important. With this in mind, we’ve spoken with our staff and have explained we can be as flexible as they need us to be. Understandably there are going to be pinch points and deadlines that need to be kept to; but if you need to cook the kids dinner and put them to bed between 4pm & 7pm and willbe back online after, or you’ve got to help a family member who’s self-isolating on Friday afternoon but you’ll pick work up on Sunday then that’s fine. For us it’s about being “Adaptable Experts” and delivering on what we need to.

Exercise & Wellbeing

We like to think we’re very encouraging and supportive when it comes to our employee’s wellbeing. But with the situation that we’re all in at the moment, making sure you’re looking after your physical and mental wellbeing is more important than ever.

With this in mind, we’ve introduced a couple of initiatives that focus on our wellbeing. Part of our “Hump-day” meeting consists of desktop Yoga (We knew when we hired our Creative Strategist that having a qualified yoga instructor in the business would come in handy). It helps us focus on our breathing, relaxes, but also gets us up and stretching out.

We’ve also set a steps challenge for the team, with the 5 lowest participants entering a raffle where they win the chance to be the following weeks T.W.A.T (again, the O is silent). Where it has been safe for them to do so, the team have been very engaged and has become a battle for the top spot. There’s even talk of running up and down the stairs if self-isolating to avoid last spot!

Virtual Beers & Games

It’s no secret that at the end of a busy week at Organic, we enjoy nothing more than a cold beer, a few snacks, a good catch up, and some games (usually darts, table tennis, Mario kart etc). But being based remotely might make this more challenging I hear you say? Not when there’s beer involved.

Last Friday the team still got together (virtually) and enjoyed an hour of games, quizzes, shared a few drinks together, and had our usual catch up on how the whirlwind of a week had gone. For me that reinforces how great a team we have here – even though we’re not together in person, we’re still making time for each other and enjoying some downtime as a team.

How Organic have responded to this situation really does encompass everything we stand by – “Human centred thinking, tech centred doing” and “Digital For Good”. And it looks like remote working is here for a little while for all of us, so watch this space for updates on what Organic are doing to make the best of the situation.