Group shot of Organic

It’s certainly been a difficult year, not just for ourselves but as we can imagine, for all of you as well. There’s been a lot of debate as to what benefits going back to the office brings and whether it truly is in the best interests for the entire workforce. At Organic we’ve begun our bookend experiment (Monday and Friday in the office), while it’s a strange adjustment, commuting into work, having face to face meetings and… wearing shoes instead of slippers, it’s also brought some fond experiences along with it. We’ve soldered through a sports day in the rain, completed scavenger hunts and put our hands to virtual pizza making. 

As an organisation we believe in doing good and if you are already familiar with our brand you know that it’s important that we run our business with the best interests of our digital community at heart. We listened to our team and we’ve done what works for us. Allowing for a hybrid working environment makes sure everyone at Organic can continue a healthy work life balance but also bring the incredible energy and innovation that is created when we’re all together. 

With or without the office, our amazing team has ticked off some great accomplishments and we are ever so proud. This year we have: been recognised as one of the UK’s 50 Best Small Companies to work for, won awards for creative and web builds, continued our Digital For Good campaign alongside Cybersmile and completed a second year as a B Corp. Amazing achievements from a focused and passionate team. 

We as a team will continue to bring amazing things to the digital space and if you want to see us over Zoom or in the office, we will bring energy no matter where you are.