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Technology is driving changes in what your customer wants, what they expect from your business, how they behave, and that change is only getting faster. You know this; it’s why you’re here. You also know that these changes are impacting your employees, your infrastructure, and your approach to marketing. With rapid change comes uncertainty, and uncertainty can lead to inaction. What you need is a marketing framework that gives you the security and structure you crave with the adaptability you need. That’s O24.

Any digital project now runs the risk of becoming redundant quickly. As platforms develop and emerge, markets get disrupted and evolve, and consumers lead the way in digital transformation, the project you began developing three months ago can be way off target before launch. And in an age of zero budgeting, where every project needs justification on a case-by-case basis to secure funding, it can lead to disaster. We designed O24 to take into account the realities of the modern marketing world and tackle it head on.

How does our marketing framework help you?

O24 consists of three basic stages. Why 24? Because the truth is that any project is likely to take a full 24 months to complete and become truly effective. We’re not talking about a one-off marketing campaign here, but the kind of digitally transformative work that your organisation needs. But this isn’t about tying you into a two-year retainer. It’s the opposite.

Think of O24 as our commitment to you: we’ll help you plan out a realistic roadmap for success. We’ll work out with you exactly what you want to achieve, then we’ll assess your current foundation, identify the major stages of the project (and all the potential contingencies and blockers along the way), and we’ll help you get to the end goal.

Here’s how the O24 marketing framework rolls out:

    1. Assess – At the first stage we work out what your challenges are, explore your objectives.
    2. Audit – This is delivered for a fixed fee and makes a thorough assessment of your organisation, your project and its objectives, and where you’re heading. Without the data, analysis, and insights from the audit your project runs the risk of hitting blockers that will limit or potentially stop its success.
    3. Plan – We break down your project into discrete modules, with recommendations for how each stage should be handled.
    4. Define – Next we build up a flexible but detailed plan that highlights your objectives and what has to happen to meet them. It details what needs to be done, what we can do to help, and how we’ll do it. It shows you the potential problems, and any contingencies that need to be addressed.
    5. Execute – We assist in the project roll-out in the way that makes most sense. Maybe that’s in a consultancy role, or perhaps it’s more hands-on.

O24 is a flexible framework that undergoes constant review and change based on the outcomes and data gained at each stage. This stops your project drifting or becoming totally derailed.

Because O24 is data-driven it helps you to justify projects and budget to internal stakeholders, and we’re happy to support you in building a case to present back to your team.

We’re then ready to help you execute each stage of the project as a discrete piece of work.

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A comprehensive marketing mix

We offer a range of services that can be brought into any project, no matter the focus, scope or scale.

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