Monitoring your content performance

Content marketing takes time, effort, and often a serious financial commitment. But how can you create a successful content marketing campaign or strategy if you don’t know how well your content is performing? Our digital marketing dashboards give you detailed insights into content performance at all stages of the customer funnel, giving you the power to create the content that will reach your audience and drive them closer to purchase, no matter where they are in their journey.

The benefits of successful content marketing include better brand visibility, increased brand loyalty, and an audience that turns from prospects into customers. People don’t want a broadcast style brand messaging push – they want content that helps solve problems, or meets a need they have whether practical or emotional. Delivering the right content to them puts your brand at the front of their mind. 

For most brands about 50% of the content they produce is practically ignored by their audience. That fact alone should concern marketers. But if you don’t know which half of your content isn’t driving value then you risk investing time and money into content that may as well not exist.

What does your digital marketing dashboard include?

Our marketing dashboards can be adapted to suit your exact requirements but some of the services and options you can choose include:

  • Setup
  • Integration and optimisation of your analytics
  • Training
  • Hosting, support and maintenance
  • Content strategy development
  • Content planning and ideation
  • SEO content planning and keyword research
  • Monthly report and guidance
  • Access to our studio and content strategists via email and phone
  • Content sourcing and creation

If you’d like to see how our digital marketing dashboards can revolutionise your content marketing then get in touch today to arrange a free demo.

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