Boost the impact of your content

Measuring the performance of your content marketing is vital to ensure you’re putting time and money into activity that reaches your audience, connects with them, and delivers on your efforts. Having a handle on content marketing performance is an essential component for success.

To measure your content marketing you need to have the right tools in place to gather and analyse data, and not just things like bounce and click through rates. You need to be able to track when, where and how people interacted with your content, and be able to measure if that person continued down the funnel or not. With a joined up view of content performance along the funnel and across the customer lifecycle you can begin to refine and improve your content marketing performance.

How we measure your content marketing

To accurately measure content marketing you need to assess planning, creation, performance and other aspects. These are some of the areas we can help you with:

  • Analytics setup
  • Setting accurate content marketing metrics
  • Bespoke content dashboard setup and training
  • Performance monitoring
  • Creation of content
  • Testing of content format and platform performance
  • Training to help your team better measure your content marketing
  • Detailed content performance analysis and reporting
  • Creation of content marketing strategy

To discuss how we can help you improve your content marketing performance get in touch today.

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