Every business is a digital business. Whether you operate at the leading edge of technology or provide traditional goods and services, the impact of digital technology on your brand, your staff, and your customers is profound and far reaching. That’s why digital transformation is more than a buzzword: it’s an ongoing and necessary process to ensure your continued success. As a digital transformation agency we help brands adapt to the shifting digital landscape.

Our role as a digital transformation agency is to help you realise  the potential offered by digital, and not see it as something to be feared. We’ll help you improve your organisation’s performance, ways of working, and brand power.

Using a strategically-led, data-driven approach we work hard to understand your business, market and customers. This allows us to work with you to drive engagement and growth across your business.

Digital transformation consulting: support tailored to your needs

We begin each digital transformation program by getting to understand your business and its vision. We’ll help you realise how you can fulfil this ambition in a rapidly evolving space where technologies come and go, and the needs of your employees and customers shift unexpectedly.

An in-depth audit allows us to build up a shared vision for the future which everybody can align with. From there each digital transformation project is different so the solutions are unique to your objectives, the demands of your sector, and your customers. What unites each project is that our digital transformation consulting provides support while helping your internal teams expand their capability.

We don’t see digital transformation consulting as a transactional relationship that begins and ends with a contract and KPIs, but as part of an ongoing partnership between ourselves and clients. We’ll be there at each step in the capacity required, whether that’s hands-on or taking a step back and offering advice.

Your digital transformation roadmap

Change is always hard to manage. It can be uncomfortable, unnerving, and for many people it feels unnecessary. We help you manage the process by providing you with a digital transformation roadmap that identifies the steps needed to achieve change, highlighting any contingencies and potential blockers.

This is part of O24, our commitment to all clients that provides them with a plan that is detailed but flexible and covers the next 24-months’ worth of activity. Our experience has shown us that no digital transformation project can have genuine lasting impact if it is rushed through in the space of a couple of months. Our approach looks longer term, assessing potential impacts across your business and detailing how best to manage them.

The digital transformation roadmap you receive isn’t set in stone though; it simply can’t be, given the way change happens so quickly. Instead it’s designed to be reassessed quarterly, or even monthly, as stages of the project are completed. As each part is finished new data and issues come to light and these are then taken into consideration and the plan updated accordingly.

This type of agile project management is the only way to ensure your digital transformation program is a success.

Digital humans

Digital Maturity Assessment

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