How do you do digital?

It’s easy to slip into the belief that your organisation is truly digitally mature. What do we mean by that? Simply that your organisation makes the most of its tools, technology and people in the digital sphere. Because the change that digital technology brings with it impacts all businesses, having a full and unbiased picture of your brand’s digital capabilities is vital for future planning and development. Our digital maturity assessment is designed to deliver the clear overview you need to ensure future success.

Measuring digital maturity

Making a thorough digital maturity assessment requires an honest appraisal of digital across your business. A detailed audit will delve underneath the surface of your organisation, which may well appear digitally savvy, and drill down into your capabilities. Some key areas we look at include:

  • Digital infrastructure – Do you have the right tools and technologies in place to meet business objectives, sector-specific demands, and staff and customer needs?
  • Ways of working – The best technology can never help you if your teams are operating in a siloed manner. We’ll put how you work across your organisation under scrutiny to see if there are issues on an operational, interdepartmental and even interpersonal level.
  • Readiness for change – Is your business agile and flexible? Or is it slow to adapt and at risk of being damaged by change?
  • Current digital activity – Are you really making the right use of the tools and platforms you have at your disposal?
  • Staff digital IQ – Do your teams have the right skills and knowledge in place to maximise their effectiveness?

Your full digital maturity assessment will include a lot more, but these are some of the broader areas we’ll drill down on. Our audit leaves no stone unturned and will reveal things you didn’t know you didn’t know about how your business operates digitally.


Without the knowledge that comes from a digital maturity assessment you risk getting too set in your ways, feeling that your business doesn’t need to alter how it operates, and then you risk being left behind as your competitors continue to innovate digitally.

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