Marketing measurement: building a single version of the truth

Measuring marketing effectiveness is vital if you want to make your marketing efficient and secure a genuine ROI on your activity. Even if you’ve clearly identified your marketing metrics, and your KPIs, the scale of data generated across the multiple platforms you use can be overwhelming. Our marketing measurement services help you draw the threads together and not only centralise your data but also analyse it for clearer insights.

With the fragmented nature of marketing, spread across different platforms, media, and departments it’s all too easy for your efforts to become siloed, with different teams operating under a different view of the customer, their needs, and their path to purchase.

Successful digital marketing measurement unifies your data sets, giving you a single customer view, and a cross-business single version of the truth. With this in place all of your teams can work together to achieve shared objectives.

The result? A better experience for the customer, a more efficient marketing process, and greater ROI on your marketing.

How we can help you improve your marketing

By implementing an effective measurement and analytics process, with the right tools, we can give you a clearer view of your customers and their journey with you. You’ll be able to see where your activity and money is having a real impact, and which channels are driving results for you. With the improved insight you can make informed decisions, and convince your stakeholders where investment is best placed.

Ready to develop a single customer view and maximise the impact of your digital marketing? You can explore our marketing measurement services below, or contact us today to find out more about how we can help you.

How we can help

A five-step marketing measurement framework

The implementation of digital marketing measurement doesn’t need to be complicated. We follow a simple five-step process:

  • Analytics audit – We’ll audit your current measurement set-up and assess where changes need to be made
  • Implementation/Configuration – The technical set-up of analytics platforms to track everything and setting up the features and specifics needed to effectively track your marketing performance
  • Reporting – Setting up custom dashboards for easy real time monitoring, and delivering reports as the data develops
  • Analysis – Full analysis of cross-channel performance
  • Testing and optimisation – A/B tests and other optimisation processes to refine and improve performance

Digital marketing measurement set-up

We’ve set-up marketing measurement software and analytics platforms for numerous clients, so we’re able to smoothly integrate the tools we recommend into your existing architecture.

From planning the set-up, to getting everything rolling, through to monitoring and adjustments, we’ll make setting up your marketing measurement suite as pain-free as possible.

We’re ready to discuss your marketing measurement and how we can improve it. Contact us now.

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