Go beyond last click

With so many channels, and so many opportunities for your customers to discover and interact with your brand, how can you understand what is driving them down the funnel to conversion? Last click attribution might have been OK in the early years of digital marketing, where your funnel was neat and easily defined, but it’s no longer fit for purpose. Your marketing attribution needs to have a complete view of all your channels and activity, and see how they are helping you achieve commercial objectives.

Digital marketing attribution needs to be multi-touch and it needs to be joined up. Once you’ve got the data in hand you have to analyse it in-depth to be able to accurately assess how each channel is contributing (or not) to conversion.

The importance of marketing attribution

Because of the masses of exposure your customers may have to your brand and its products or services, you need to know what activity on which channels has an impact. Knowing this you can look to reallocate budget from one channel into another, or review your activity on a given channel to see if you can maximise your ROI from it.

Marketing attribution lets you see the interactions that motivate your customers, it allows you to focus your efforts on the channels that work, and maximise the effectiveness of your marketing budget.

If you operate without a marketing attribution model that doesn’t accurately reflect the modern digital world, and the people who inhabit it, then your efforts will never be optimal.

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