Do you measure up?

Digital never sleeps, it’s always changing, growing and shifting. And for businesses this means touch points with customers are always expanding and changing. Being able to accurately measure and understand the mass of data created in the digital space is the first step in mastering digital marketing. Our analytics audit is designed to take a holistic view of your digital marketing, understand your customer and their behaviour, and tell you how you should be measuring activity.

With so many channels, and so much data, your only hope of joining the dots and creating a single version on the truth, one that you can act on, is only possible with effective measurement and analytics in place.

Getting your marketing analytics right

A full analytics audit is important because it allows us to understand your current capabilities, and also lets us see if you’re measuring the right things in the right way.

When looking at your marketing analytics we will:

  • Assess current tools – Are the tools you’re using now fit for purpose? Are they enhancing your business and letting you measure what you need to, or are they hampering you, only accessible to a few and not giving you a holistic view?
  • Analyse your current framework – We’ll take a look beyond the tools, because even the best tools won’t be able to counteract problematic processes. If your ways of working are siloed, and lead to fragmentation of data, then you’ll never be able to reach that single customer view that is so important.
  • Identify the right tools – Once we understand your ways of working, your current tools, and any legal restrictions your business operates under, we can then identify and recommend the right tools for you.
  • Define what you should be measuring – The right technology and methodology can go to waste if you’re not measuring the right data points. We’ll make recommendations about which metrics you should be assessing to define success.

Are your marketing analytics hampering rather than helping you? Contact us to discuss an analytics audit today.

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