Search performance and performance analytics

From searching and discovery through to assessment and final purchase, search is an integral part of the customer journey. To ensure you get maximum search performance you need a holistic approach to search performance and an accurate way to carry out performance analytics.

We’re experts in search marketing and have tackled large, cutting edge projects for large brands. Our focus is always on the full life cycle of your customer, ensuring we adapt your digital strategy according to customer needs and your objectives.

We’re results-driven and ensure all our work helps increase conversion, improve ROI and make a real impact on your bottom-line. Our performance analytics offerings give you the hard data on which to base decisions, and to help influence internal stakeholders.

SEO and PPC can’t be siloed, and focusing purely on one to the detriment of the other will always lead to bad results. So we are constantly assessing short, mid and long-term performance and balancing between the two disciplines. We also take care to consider how search and social intersect to deliver maximum search performance.

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Free search performance audit offer

To get a flavour of our approach we’re offering a free topline version of our search performance audit. If you’d like this free report, we can get it to you in 48 hours. We just need a few details from you.