What is a Google penalty?

In simple terms a Google penalty is a punitive measure handed out by Google to websites that do not follow the best practices outlines in their Webmaster Guidelines. Usually this is due to bad back-linking activity.

Being hit with a Google penalty can have a serious impact on your website’s performance, and by extension your marketing, leads, and revenue. We’re experts at Google penalty recovery, and have helped many brands take the necessary steps to remove penalties, restore rankings and keep their site on the right side of Google.

Most Google penalties are handed out algorithmically, which means that when Google updates its algorithm to reflect what it thinks is best practice for a website then your site can be hit by a penalty automatically. So the SEO tactics you have been using for the last five years could well be damaging your site’s visibility.

Our penalty recovery service is designed to help you clean up your website, get it back in Google’s good books and back up the rankings.

How does a Google penalty impact your business?

Your organic search visibility is vital to the overall success of your business’ search strategy. The majority of users will ignore ads at the top of Google’s results pages, and an even greater majority never look beyond the first page of Google’s results. So it’s easy to see how a penalty that pushes you down the rankings and stops organic traffic reaching your page will have a serious effect.

Some of the key ways a Google penalty can affect your website includes:

  • Pages being de-indexed from Google
  • Ranking drops, with some pages practically disappearing from search result pages
  • Traffic being reduced to your site

We take a methodical and structured approach to delivering successful Google penalty recovery.

  • Analysis. First we’ll work out the causes of the penalties and report back to you with a detailed analysis of your website, its backlink profile and other relevant search information.
  • Clean-up. Then we’ll assist in cleaning up your backlink profile, as well as assessing where other search tactics need to be addressed to make your website ready for Google approval.
  • On-going support. The reality is that, even after all the problems have been rectified, recovering your rankings will take considerable time and effort. Not only that, there can be other issues inhibiting your recovery. We can monitor progress, provide recommendations and advice to stop future penalties, and support you in any other way needed to make your search activities a success.

Been hit by a Google penalty? We’re ready to help you recover quickly.

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