Understand your search performance

Effective search marketing relies on an understanding of your past and current performance. If you don’t have a clear picture of your activity, and how well it has been implemented and worked, then developing a search strategy that works will be almost impossible. Our SEO audit is designed to give you a full and accurate picture of the current state of play.

An SEO audit needs to look beyond your own situation, so we turn our eyes out to your sector and competitors, as well as your clients/customers. We want to see how you perform against competitors, and see what they are doing that you’re not (and vice versa). Understanding your customers, their needs, and how they search is also an important component of an SEO audit. This unified approach ensures that your audit report gives you a real way to chart a way forward.

An important part of our SEO audit service is to model the opportunities available to you, in the short, mid and long term. We’ll give projected results, time frames that are realistic to achieve them, and give you an overview of the skills and assets required to make the estimated results a reality.

We focus on channels that work for you. If our investigations reveal that PPC isn’t an influence on your customers we will let you know and help you to focus your budget elsewhere. This allows your search marketing to deliver maximum ROI with minimal wasted effort.

What’s in your search audit?

Our full SEO audit covers a lot of ground. Your report will include the following and more:

  • Search visibility – What is your share of voice in the market? Can people find you easily?
  • Ideas for new keywords and topics that can be targeted
  • Insights into channel mix – We’ll compare you with your competitors, and investigate what each channel is delivering
  • Mobile effectiveness
  • Mini technical and on-page SEO audit
  • Paid search opportunity review
  • UX on site and how it impacts users
  • Content quality and asset audit
  • Tools, tech and analytics review

An SEO audit can be done as a standalone piece of work or as part of a larger project, but it is an essential part of an effective search marketing strategy.

Want to know the true state of your search performance? Contact us to arrange an audit now.

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