Keeping an ear out

Businesses spend a lot of money on market research, focus groups and other methods of trying to understand their customers. But social media gives you a platform to reach people who are already engaged with your brand, your competitors, and your industry. That’s why social listening is an important tool for any modern business.

But social media monitoring is about more than checking brand mentions, likes and shares. It takes a wider view, monitoring your competitors, what people are talking about in your industry, taking note about how they feel about your products and services, and what they are interested in.

From there we can analyse the data and turn them into insights that lead to actionable outputs, such as changes to your messaging, new marketing campaign ideas and more.

Social listening can help you:

  • Gain real insights into your customers and their needs
  • Help you position yourself as a thought leader and a brand that understands and supports its audience
  • Identify influencers and build relationships with them
  • Understand how your competition is using social media and connecting with your audience
  • Gather information for topics and ideas to generate marketing campaigns and inform wider strategy
  • See themes and trends that are emerging and capitalise on them
  • Identify pain points for your customers and use them to improve customer service or your offering
  • Uncover new leads, prospects, and brand advocates

Social listening using leading tools

A lot of chatter goes on across social media, with millions of posts every day. If you use multiple channels in your social media marketing then keeping track of what’s going on can be practically impossible. We use industry standard social media monitoring tools to monitor your channels as well as the wider conversations that might be of interest to your business.

Platforms like Falcon and Social Bakers not only let us keep tabs on what’s happening in the social sphere they also visualise the data and let us compare data over time and drill down even further. This makes it simpler for us, and your own team, to be right on the pulse of your audience’s issues and concerns.

Interested in finding out more about the tools we use and how we’ve used them to help other businesses? Drop us a line now.

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