Content for social media success

Success on social media is driven by creative content that stops your customer in their tracks and makes them take notice. No matter how powerful the strategy, without the right content delivered on the right platform to the right people, your results will always be under-par. Our social media content team can create the types of content that matter to your audience.

Creating content for social media takes more than cobbling together some words, sprinkling in hashtags, and adding a picture. It requires understanding your audience, what drives them, what excites them, and then crafting exactly the right sort of post to reach them. In short, it takes a lot of work and you need to budget appropriately for quality content if you want your social media activity to have any genuine impact.

Social media content: creativity meets data

We know that data is important, because it can give us important insights into what types of creative are connecting with your audience. We test different copy, different images, and different formats against different audiences to help us deliver social media content that works hard.

But here’s the thing. No amount of data will really tell you what might resonate with people; if it could then it would be easy to create killer marketing campaign after killer marketing campaign, and nobody manages that. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and try something different, something brave, something that could completely reinvent your brand on social media. If you’re ready to try that, then our team can help you make the leap.

We can do more than just create social media assets for you. While we’re happy to respond to a brief and create compelling social media content, we’re also equally experienced at generating content ideas.

From an individual post, to an overall style for your social media activity, to a complete self-contained campaign, we can generate social media ideas that align with your brand, connect with your audience and deliver on business objectives.

To see examples of the social media content we’ve created for major brands get in touch today to receive a case study.

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