Social success: It’s all in the planning

Social media is a vital platform to raise brand awareness, engage with your audience, and drive your business goals. But with organic reach dwindling towards zero on most platforms it takes a carefully crafted social media strategy to ensure your social activity delivers on your investment.

Our expert social media strategists have helped brands from a wide variety of sectors (including cosmetics, professional services, and the food industry) use social media strategically to achieve their objectives.

Following a thorough social performance audit we will plan out a social media strategy that is aligned with your goals, informed by data and insights, and gives you a clear roadmap to success.

Areas our social media strategy can cover includes:

  • Social media auditing – Benchmarking your performance against competitors
  • Social media policy – Helping you work out how your employees can and should be using social media
  • Social media training – Detailed, expert training to boost your internal team’s capabilities with social media
  • Social media persona/tone of voice – Is your brand using the right approach to connect with your customers? We’ll help you define your social persona
  • Social media content strategy – Defining what types of content work best for your business, and how you should be creating and using them
  • Social media marketing campaign ideas – We can generate and map out full social media campaigns as part of your social media strategy, to really drive engagement

A social media strategy driven by insights

Social media gives you the capability to gather and analyse a lot of data on both your own performance and that of your competitors. The insights gleaned from this information can help to refine your strategy. We use leading edge tools like Falcon and Social Bakers to monitor and assess every aspect of your social media activity, as well as what’s happening in the wider conversations around your sector.

Our social media strategists work closely with you to define your objectives and KPIs, then use data and insights to support their recommendations. They have extensive experience in delivering strategies that deliver results that make sense in light of your overall marketing and communications goals.

The benefits of this approach include:

  • Accurate insights
  • Deeper understanding of your audience and their behaviours/drivers
  • Clearer understanding of brand sentiment
  • An ability to generate topic ideas based on what your audience is talking about
  • An enriched data set which you can compare with data from other sources such as search

By grounding your social media strategy in data we can confidently test ideas and continually refine your roadmap to deliver better and better results.

Get in touch to find out more about how we use data to inform strategy.

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