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We like to call our team Adaptable Experts. We thought about calling them Organicles, but the images that conjured were less than pleasant. Anyway, back to Adaptable Experts. We think it’s easy enough to work out what it means, but why did we choose it? Our hand was forced, if we’re honest, by the world we work in. Digital is always changing, and it changes at a rate that other industries simply can’t keep up with. So the only way we can maintain our position as experts is to be adaptable. Always changing. Always learning. Always growing. 

We know that for in-house teams it can be enough of a struggle just to keep the basics covered off, and it can become easy to stagnate or not keep up on new trends, technologies, and best practices. 

So we got to thinking one day, why not help our clients build their own team of adaptable experts? And that’s where Organic Empowerment was born. 

We deliver a range of training courses designed to give digital marketers the skills, insights, and knowledge they need to keep pace with the digital world. The training can be delivered one-to-one, in small or large groups, at your business, our office, or any location you desire.

We have ready to roll workshops on various topics, and we can also create completely tailored training to suit your needs. Here are some of the courses on offer: 


SEO 101

Our SEO workshops have been delivered to a number of clients including Argos and Capita.

SEO 101 covers content opportunities, potential risks, natural performance, and measuring natural search.

SEO 102

If you’ve completed our SEO 101 course, or are confident you’re doing search marketing well then this will help you refine your approach and maximise its impact.

SEO 102 covers more advanced on page/off page topics, growing your strategy online, and a deeper look at linking.

Digital marketing crash course

Do you feel like you don’t know where to start when it comes to marketing your business online, or perhaps there are gaps in your current activity and you want to get a grounding in the essentials? 

Then this is the perfect course for you. You’ll learn important skills and best practices across the various pillars of digital and gain insight on creating and improving your digital marketing strategy.

Social media 101

Social media has changed a lot in the past few years, and tactics that might have worked previously are as good as useless now. But social gives you a chance to build an engaged audience for your products and services and should be part of your digital strategy.

This course will give you a grounding in the essentials of social media and how to use content to drive engagement.

Social media 102

If you’ve completed our Social media 101 course, or are confident you’re doing social well then this will help you refine your approach and maximise its impact. 

This course starts by looking at optimising a basic strategy into a more rounded, high-level plan, touching on targets, metrics for success and tracking goals.

Selling on social media

This course will guide you through creating an effective sales strategy 
for social media.

We will help you to grow your brand recognition and increase 
sales and demand through social media, using compelling content, community management, and strategic use of data and targeting.  

Bespoke workshops.

We can also provide completely bespoke workshops which are tailored to your team and their business needs. The exact makeup of these sessions will vary but expect interactive exercises, quizzes, and engaging presentations designed to get your team thinking, sharing, and taking a deep dive into the topic of your choosing.