Direct Line


As part of our SEO retainer we generated campaign ideas to drive traffic to Direct Line’s sites, including both their consumer and B2B arms. 

Service and project type

Search Marketing | Integrated digital campaign.


To help improve Direct Line’s SEO performance across their site we created an integrated digital campaign that would drive traffic and backlinks to the Direct Line domain. The campaign had to have a focus relevant to a specific Direct Line insurance product.


First Car First Love – An integrated digital campaign which gives users the chance to win back their first ever car.

The car insurance campaign used social media, user generated content, influencer outreach, SEO-driven content, and interactive quizzes to drive awareness and traffic.


  • Campaign page got 16,249 views
  • Campaign reached 33,649 people
  • Campaign engagement rate of 45%
  • Celebrity Car Quiz received over 18,000 interactions
  • 2,067 competition entries

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