IRIS digital transformation

Service and project type

Digital strategy | Digital transformation


IRIS tasked us with helping them understand how their customers used and interacted with their website.


IRIS understood their website was not performing well and that traffic from the site rapidly dropped off and left the site after arrival. At first this was perceived as a technical issue, and we were briefed to help them understand their customers better so that they could change their site platform.


We used a Lean UX approach for this project. This uses a fast, iterative cycle to ensure there is constant evaluation throughout the project. Using the Value Proposition Canvas we worked with IRIS to understand their audience via workshops. Rapid prototyping was used alongside user testing to validate and refine findings and recommendations.


It became apparent that while IRIS’ site did need a technical update, the cause of the traffic drop-off and lack of conversion on site was primarily due to poor information architecture, content, and user experience.

We were then briefed for phase two of the project (Website transformation) – to carry out user experience, design, and technical implementation of their new website.