Social strategy to develop their channels as a primary digital channel (alongside their well established email activity) to support the launch of their new mobile app. Our focus was on overall growth and engagement.

Service and project type

Social Media | Makes Me Me campaign.


Nectar had launched a new above the line campaign to reposition as the ‘thank you’ brand – recognising and rewarding individuals. Our brief was to extend this activity to social and get the nation to take part in a conversation with Nectar.


Integrating with Nectar’s PR team and agency we launched #MakesMeME.

This was a UGC campaign that encouraged Nectar’s audience, old and new, to explore what makes them individual and share it with Nectar for a chance to win a surprise as special as they are.


  • Reach 15.4M, entries 20.4k, hashtag use 1.3k.
  • 53 unique surprises, from becoming a zookeeper for a day to waking up with a gnome replica of themselves on their front doorstep.
  • Nectar’s social CPM dropped 13% over the campaign period and sentiment skyrocketed to 67% positive by the end of the campaign.

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