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With a global presence and central control, Samsung was moving to regional management of their B2B and B2C marketing operations in Europe, to mimic their US structure. We were hired to provide digital support.

Service and project type

Integrated marketing | B2B digital marketing strategy.


Samsung Europe’s objective was to launch Samsung Business and develop a European centre of excellence for digital. There was no digital marketing capability or infrastructure for B2B in Europe, which required a completely new ground-up approach.


Working side by side we developed a B2B marketing strategy across Europe for Samsung Business’ products and sectors.



  • Delivered campaigns to support events (including Mobile World Congress) and product launches
  • Optimised for 17 EU territories
  • 200% uplift in traffic to
  • Delivered 24-month B2B content plan
  • Delivered social management framework and policies for B2B and B2C in Europe
  • Delivered monthly toolkits to European markets

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