Laurent Brickell

Laurent Brickell

Hailing from the Caribbean, Laurent’s in charge of our R&D, development and technology projects as our Technical Director. And he’s a dab hand at playing the drums as well.

Image of Luke W

Luke Whitaker

Meet SEO Executive Luke – owner of two dwarf rabbits and a fan of Taylor Swift. We keep him around for his MSc in Digital and Social Media Marketing and his strategic SEM skills, not his taste in music.

Joe Ford Headshot

Joe Ford

Joe leads the Search team at Organic as Head of SEO. When he’s not working to improve our clients’ search performance, he likes to fine tune his fleet of vehicles.

Ed Nicholson Headshot

Ed Nicholson

Ed oversees the brand experience team, who work with clients to build consistency across digital touch points and create unbeatable digital experiences for users. He’s into anything from the 80s.

Ben Bushby expert image

Ben Bushby

Ben’s our Head of People & Culture. A Crystal Palace supporter from South London, he’s passionate about supporting others in their working lives – which is ideal, because it’s his job to listen to us whenever we feel like complaining.

Joe Webber Headshot

Joe Webber

Joe is our Head of Development. He’s built many websites, and has helped develop a bespoke CRM for a Fortune 100 company that’s now in operation nationwide. At 6’ 5”, he plays indoor volleyball at national level.

Steve Prior Expert image

Stephen Prior

Stephen worked in publishing before a love of tech persuaded him to go digital with his design career. He’s all about helping people to get where they want to go – be it through his expertise in user interface design or as a mountain bike trail leader.

Charlie Lycett-Smith

Charlie keeps us all on the straight and narrow as our Operations Director. She used to be a session vocalist too – so when she shouts at us it sounds lovely.

Tom Slaiter

Tom speaks the language of SEO – but not of Spain, despite having lived there for five years. He loves a round of golf. And if you want to treat him, he won’t say no to a carrot cake.

Headshot of Tom

Tom Baldwin

Tom has 10 years of UX design experience and worked with clients such as Waitrose, Vodafone & Flybe. He’s also begun moving his design work to his spare time by studying woodworking and furniture making, if that’s not a dedicated designer I don’t know what is…

Photo of Tegan as a puppy


Tegan is our resident studio dog. She loves to play and chase balls in Cornwall, certainly as her name means “pretty little thing” there. She also loves bringing in leads.

Natalie Marshall Expert picture

Natalie Marshall

Natalie’s career has spanned both small graphic design studios and large retail design agencies. She’s really into arts and crafts and typography. But she also has a helvetica good time when she’s baking and travelling.

Kate Allen Expert image

Kate Allen

Kate, our Digital Project Manager studied Computer Science and worked in several tech start ups before moving to Organic. She’s passionate about all things digital although also loves her film camera.

Simon Dale Headshot

Simon Dale

Simon has a decade of experience in marketing, including digital, print, and brand. But he’s got more than one string to his bow. Six in fact, as he used to be a session guitarist.

Black and white headshot of man wearing checked shirt

Luke Burford

Luke’s degree in Sociology and Psychology led to his passion for creating amazing user experiences as a Digital Designer. His work has even had the royal seal of approval from the King of Spain who deemed it ‘bloody lovely’. Except in Spanish.

Tim Doust Expert Image

Tim Doust

Tim brings years of big agency experience to the table as an Executive Director and Board-level Advisor for Organic. And he’s your go-to guy for some great travel tips too.

James Moffat Headshot

James Moffat

James is our Executive Chairman. When he founded Organic he aimed to build a digital agency that brings innovative thinking, creativity and agility to a range of leading brands. So he can tick that off his to-do list.

Jessica Church image

Jessica Church

Jess’ background in video editing and social media management makes her a great asset as our Marketing Manager. A big Mcfly fan and our very own queen of karaoke, she’s our star girl.

Matt CH headshot image

Matthew Clark Hellery

Matthew has 10 years of experience as a certified Apple Macintosh Technician and (in his words) makes him an “IT geek through and through”. Having lived abroad and run away with the circus Matthew now enjoys spending time walking his beloved beagle.

Dani headshot image

Dani Donohoe

With over 8 years’ experience in the recruitment industry, Dani makes an excellent recruit herself. She keeps us in check all day, which is why she looks forward to getting home to her dog, Teddy. Even People and Culture Executives need a break from people.

Allison Holiday Headshot

Alison Holliday

Ali keeps us all paid, and the company running on an even keel – but she doesn’t stop there. She also runs the moors and fields of Devon and does regular endurance runs around the county.

Matt headshot image

Matthew Bridgeman

Matt studied Games Programming at Kingston University, where he met our Technical Director and fellow gamer Laurent. When he’s not working hard as our Lead Developer he’s busy playing games or creating his own. Did we mention he’s into games?

Matt Arnold Headshot

Matt Arnold

Matt’s our Front-end Developer and a keen adventurer who’s now settled in Exeter after doing some travelling. And we’re happy about that. Partly because he brings us eight years’ experience in web development, and partly because he’s a cool person too.

Headshot of woman in white top

Luka Stephenson

Luka worked in advertising recruitment before moving into SEO. She’s accident prone – cracking her head open nine times before the age of 10 – but she’s a safe pair of hands for your search marketing.

George Miller Headshot

George Miller

George, our Paid Media Specialist has PPC experience working across a range of industries. When he’s not under the digital hood, you’ll find him playing guitar, working out at the gym or reading a good book… basically escaping from anything digital!

Gillian headshot image

Gillian Meier

We’d say 24 years in the digital sphere make Gillian pretty well-qualified as our Head of Digital Marketing. When she’s not under the digital hood, you’ll find her behind the camera lens capturing the beauty of nature.

Lee headshot image

Lee Macklin

With a decade of SEO experience, Lee is our Senior SEO Consultant. He takes part in triathlons when he’s not helping clients win the SEO marathon. And he can also juggle, beatbox and breakdance. He’s good fun at Christmas parties.

Image of Sanchi Kapadia

Sanchi Kapadia

Sanchi was Organics intern but she’s back after graduating from University of Exeter as our People and Culture Graduate. Sanchi’s name means truth in Sanskrit, which makes It tricky when she’s trying to keep our crazy socials a secret from the team…


Lloyd Bowles

Lloyd has a master’s degree in Behavioural Economics and built his agency experience in London before joining us in Devon. Life for Lloyd peaked in 1997 as an extra in a Cadbury’s Crunchie ad; he’s now settled as our Strategic Account Director.

Tim Burley

As Head of Client Services, Tim aims to deliver three things for all our clients – enduring relationships, strong performance and fresh thinking. Spending 20 years in agency-land has made him the man for the job.

Natalie headshot image

Natalie Barton

Natalie built her agency experience in London and Bristol before returning to her Devon roots to join Organic. She’s a tennis enthusiast, but when she’s not on the court she’s busy serving (ahem) our clients as one of our Strategic Account Directors.

Joe Holland Headshot

Joe Holland

As our Head Of User Experience, Joe’s your man for making sure your customers have a seamless online experience. He’s managed projects for Sony, Barclays, and Rolls-Royce – and he once fixed Dustin Hoffman’s Wi-Fi.

Becky Moffat expert image

Becky Moffat

Consultant to the Organic board, mother of two and an all-star baker: meet the multi-talented Becky Moffat.

Scott Stevens Headshot

Scott Stevens

Scott is part of our network of photographers and videographers and he’s won funding and awards for his short films. Motion’s a big thing for him – he once cycled 2000 miles in 20 days from London to Rome.

Ben Scoggins Headshot

Ben Scoggins

Ben leads and looks after Organic as our CEO. No stranger to an executive decision, he’s also responsible for ditching Dawn French from Terry’s Chocolate Orange ads. Guess it really was Terry’s after all Dawn…

Alice's Headshot

Alice Woodward

Alice built her agency experience in Cornwall before joining us at Organic. When she’s not winning us new work as our New Business Manager, she’s obsessing over her two dogs. Hey… they even went on her honeymoon with her….

Nora headshot image

Nora Sereg

With many years experience in project management, Nora’s role as Digital Project Manager sees her keeping the team focused and on track. She loves to exercise and is a huge foodie, trying new quality cuisines is always on her agenda.

Ben Cooper Headshot

Ben Cooper

Ben’s our Creative Strategist. He’s good with words, branding, concepting, and pointing out the tiniest problem. Some would say he’s downbeat – but get him excited about something and the sky’s the limit.

Tora Saxon Headshot

Tora Saxon

Tora is our paid media and analytics specialist. When they’re not head deep in data, they are a keen rambler and love exploring the South West coastline.

Felix Headshot

Felix Northover

Having studied Film and TV, Felix produces photography and video content across the South West region. He’s part of our network of photographers and videographers.

Darren Hunt expert image

Darren Hunt

Darren has brought his expertise in UX/UI and graphic design to the likes of Direct Line, AXA PPP and the University of Exeter. A West Country native, you’ll often find him biking through Devon’s countryside.

Antonio Ortega Headshot

Antonio Ortega

Antonio’s our Senior Graphic Designer. Or as we like to call him, ‘The Godfather of Design’. Website design, illustration, infographics – there’s nothing he can’t find a beautiful, creative solution for.