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This is a series of diary entries about our journey to a cleaner site. You can check out our full Green For Good pledge here.

In this diary entry, we’re looking at pillar 5 of the pledge: “We’ll prove beautiful doesn’t mean big CO2 impact”. Colours, fonts and other brand assets all take energy to maintain and serve. So, we’ll be looking into ways to make our brand greener, which may include changes to how the site looks (dark mode by default for example), and seeing if we can use alternatives to energy-intensive brand assets while still having a beautiful site. 

Website to Green mode toggle 

17/02/2022 Matt Arnold- Frontend Developer

Green For Good is a year-long project – we have a lot to do. We hate the thought of the carbon impact we’ll have on the world before we’ve fully ‘greened’ our site, so in the meantime, we’ve created a quick solution to help – a green toggle, which is optional for people to use while browsing our website.

When green mode is in action,  large videos and images are turned off, both of which impact our carbon impact score. By activating the toggle, a ‘sustainable-mode’ cookie is saved in the user’s browser and the page is refreshed. Cookies are pieces of data used to remember information about a user. 

A conditional statement in the code checks whether this cookie – a simple boolean – is set to true. If it is, large images, video content and tracking code don’t get rendered.

We’ll be back soon with another update looking at another area we’ve tackled to improve our site. In the meantime you might be interested in this article on the carbon footprint of the Internet which contains some interesting facts.