Collage of images representing the Nectar campaign

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Social Media | Makes Me Me campaign


Social strategy to develop their channels as a primary digital channel (alongside their well established email activity) to support the launch of their new mobile app. Our focus was on overall growth and engagement.


Nectar had launched a new above the line campaign to reposition as the ‘thank you’ brand – recognising and rewarding individuals. Our brief was to extend this activity to social and get the nation to take part in a conversation with Nectar.


Integrating with Nectar’s PR team and agency we launched #MakesMeME.
This was a UGC campaign that encouraged Nectar’s audience, old and new, to explore what makes them individual and share it with Nectar for a chance to win a surprise as special as they are.


  • Reach 15.4M, entries 20.4k, hashtag use 1.3k.
  • 53 unique surprises, from becoming a zookeeper for a day to waking up with a gnome replica of themselves on their front doorstep.
  • Nectar’s social CPM dropped 13% over the campaign period and sentiment skyrocketed to 67% positive by the end of the campaign.