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Service and project type

Digital strategy | Brand awareness campaign


Episerver is a technology company that produces a leading digital experience platform. They asked us to create an awareness campaign.   


Despite being recognised as leaders by independent analysts, Episerver struggles with brand awareness compared to Adobe and other big competitors. Another agency had created a brand awareness campaign that they were not happy with. They needed to generate a new campaign quickly to hit the already agreed launch date.


Iterative campaign generation was undertaken to quickly explore different potential creative territories. 

After the client approved a territory we developed the final campaign, testing it with their customer advisory board, sales teams, and C-Suite to get full buy-in. Campaign also had a soft launch to test engagement.


  • Positive results from stakeholder engagement and soft launch
  • Full marketing toolkits created for marketing, sales, and partner teams.
  • The campaign is due to launch in 2020, delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • Since completing the creative we have worked with Episerver on a range of projects including design, UI, tactical campaigns, and analytics.