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Digital strategy | Employee engagement

Our relationship

HSBC asked us to help create social media guidelines to help drive responsible employee engagement on social media.


HSBC was trying to find new and different ways to present their brand internally and externally. The struggle was ensuring that employees across the globe used social media in the right way to tell the story of HSBC in a way that was positive and didn’t have negative impacts. They had developed a new UGC app for employees called NOW Share, and wanted to maximise uptake among employees and ensure quality content was produced.


We worked with HSBC Global Comms and HR to implement a UGC and staff engagement framework. This included consulting on the launch of their first ever internal application to the app store.

The cover of the Social Media Principles for Employees document.


  • Formulated, wrote and published progressive social media policies and guidelines 
  • Provided consultancy on the effective rollout of the NOW Share app
  • Created a number of supporting documents including project toolkits, marketing wrapper, and reconfigured project request process to ensure maximum impact of the app launch and UGC video content.