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Paid media | Paid media strategy and campaign management.


Pay360 is Capita’s multi-channel payment service. We initially retained by them to assess and reshape their Google paid search account and improve lead quality and conversion rates.


Our original paid media strategy quickly made  PPC the most profitable marketing channel for Pay360. But the COVID-19 pandemic created unpredictable changes in customer behaviour and brought new competitors in to the market. We had to make a quick shift in both competitor and consumer behaviour. A new strategy had to be implemented to maintain conversion volumes and ensure a positive ROI.


The unpredictability of the industry meant that we had to quickly take stock of the account over the summer. As a result of a change in consumer behavior, new campaigns were developed in response to the pandemic. This development of new campaigns supported the growth strategy we had begun at the start of the year, ensuring we could better distribute budgets within the account.

With the influx of new, smaller players in the market we had to evolve our strategy. In Q3 we carried out a review of the industry. The output of our findings meant the entire journey was refined, from keywords, to ad-copy, and landing page experience. These changes ensured we had more control over the clicks we were receiving and saw an increase in lead quality.


2020 delivered:

  • 45% increase in clicks YoY
  • 36% increase in leads YoY
  • 47% increase in value of wins