Three women at the beach and Physicool cooling mist bottle

Service and project type

Digital Marketing | Campaign Build

Our Relationship

Physicool sells a range of clinically proven cooling bandages that are used in the NHS and by physiotherapists and individuals to treat joint and muscle pain and injury. They retained us to handle their digital marketing, with a particular focus on building brand awareness and increasing sales over the summer months.


Physicool wanted to increase direct sales of its products to end users via its website. However the brand lacks awareness among its target audience.


  • We slimlined the product focus and targeting to the Menopause and Travel Spray, allowing us to concentrate our content efforts.
  • We took an omni-channel approach to the campaign, ensuring messaging was consistent but also the content experience was relevant to each platform and audience.


  • Most successful month to date in July 2019
  • Transactions increased 33% compared to previous best month (April 2019)  
  • 18% increase in revenue
  • Conversion Rate saw a 77% increase compared to April 2019
From racehorses to hot flushes
Introductory video with Kay the founder of Physicool. One of the many videos we created, to help educate a new audience who were discovering Physicool for the first time.