Software of Excellence Exhibition stand

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Exhibition Stand Design | Creative strategy, asset creation

Our relationship

Software of Excellence (SOE) provides server-based practice management software for dentists. Organic was asked to support them with their stand design for upcoming exhibitions.


Exhibitions have always been pivotal events for Software of Excellence. After numerous years without them because of the pandemic, the return of industry events in 2022 was a huge opportunity.

SOE wanted to target existing customers only, making them aware of new products, features and services outside of their core system.

The stand design needed to utilise the style of their newly created ‘The Path of Excellence’ campaign, ensuring consistency across all branded marketing.


The stand tells the story of ‘The Path of Excellence’ by using a large key visual with supporting copy at various points, outlining the five stages of the path. Each stage links to specific SOE features and products that help customers achieve success.

The five stages are: 

  1. Always improving
  2. Uncovering opportunity
  3. Experiencing excellence
  4. Building connection
  5. Retaining and attracting

Software of Excellence is there to help dentists build a brighter future via ‘The Path of Excellence’. 

The imagery used throughout the stand focuses on people traversing a path or mountain, aiming higher and striving to be better. The people are shown in the context of an environment, highlighting the scope and magnitude of the path.

Software of Excellence Exhibition stand
Software of Excellence exhibition stand