Laptop and tablet showing the Foundry website

Service and project type

Website transformation | UX, UI design, Development

Our relationship

We run multiple development projects concurrently for Foundry, as well as providing ongoing digital marketing services.


Foundry owns four different web properties with different sets of users and goals, these being: , , and . They also have 1000s of quality content pages users can’t find.

The vision from the business was to try to unify users across these properties and make it more accessible to users. The four domains are built on totally independent systems with different departments as stakeholders.


Organic decided to focus on two areas of the properties that were due to be renovated and showed opportunity for cross-property collaboration. They were:

Elastic Search – we built a cutting edge Elastic Search system that indexes from all four domains, sorts, prioritises and displays results to the end user, including a real time quick search feature. We also provided a suite of management tools for Drupal to allow them to manage this. This allowed users from all properties to access relevant content from any domain.

Consistent Navigation – to unify the sites we researched, tested, designed and built a universal navigation API that delivers a consistent navigation experience across all domains with secondary styles for the local domain navigations. This creates a navigation experience that feels consistent across the four domains and is the first time ever that users have been able to navigate across all of them.


The project marks a leap forward in usability for all properties and has been delivering reduced bounce rates as well as clicks to domains within Foundry’s control.