Twindig house with family and dog

Service and project type

Creative | Brand launch creative campaign


As a brand-new start-up property platform, Twindig tasked us with devising a creative launch campaign that would bring their brand and their vision to life.


Twindig is a brand-new online property platform. Its aim is to empower users on their property journeys by giving them a complete picture of the UK property market – including an online profile of each of the UK’s 28 million homes – so they can make well-informed decisions. 

This is what sets Twindig apart and makes it different – but it was important to show this. The brand therefore required a creative launch campaign which would reflect its uniqueness, resonate with people and encourage them to visit the Twindig website and claim their home.

The suburban scene


Given that the brand is all about enabling people to get the most out of property – be it through better management of their current home, selling their property faster, maximising its value or moving to their dream home – it was crucial that the creative launch campaign illuminated the significance of property in people’s lives. 

Central to Twindig’s vision is the idea that each and every home is a valuable asset that’s full of potential – with Twindig giving people the ability to bring their home to life online. That’s why we decided to use the concept of pareidolia – seeing faces in inanimate objects – to highlight the idea that each home harbours uniqueness and meaning. 

Four types of scenes were then devised to reflect different kinds of houses and settings – a suburban modern or traditional semi-detached home, an urban traditional city terrace, a rural modern or traditional detached village dwelling, and a coastal modern apartment block.


The result was a creative campaign which stayed true to Twindig’s vision and could be used to target a range of different homeowners.

The rural scene animation