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We are Argos’ retained search agency. We support Argos’ Natural Search team with SEO recommendations and strategy, as well as ad hoc and planned projects.

While we’re retained to support on SEO, we’re also tasked with creating innovative solutions to help Argos stay at the top of their game.


The Natural Search team were used to a process which included heavy lifting spreadsheets. These worked well at the time of creation, but as the team grew these sheets became harder to use. 

Over time, they experienced limitations with the document due to the amount of data being inputted and the number of people requiring access at any one point. This resulted in inefficiencies and frustrations within the team.


We worked with Argos’ Natural Search team to scope out a new tool that removed the limitations they experienced, as well as adding a few extra features for good measure.

We launched two iterations of the tool: the first allowed multiple users to work simultaneously on the dataset, which reduced downtime but then presented new challenges to overcome; the second version looked beyond the MVP and focused on user interface, performance and expandability.

The outcome is a tool that offers: 

  • Powerful additional features which have enhanced the team’s effectiveness
  • Customisable dashboard system
  • Automation of routine tasks
  • Secure cloud infrastructure


After launch, the tool eradicated a long-standing workflow problem and gave the Natural Search team a competitive edge with a bespoke and unique platform. The integrated custom-built tool also reduces the need for multiple subscriptions. 

We’re now collaborating with Argos on the future expansion of the tool, which will keep Argos’ natural search team’s capabilities at the forefront of innovation.

Dan Patmore discusses what it’s like to partner with Organic.