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Service and project type

eCommerce Strategy, eCommerce Build, operational strategy, Design, UX, Data.

Our relationships

This case study talks about 2 large clients which Organic has built out Shopify Plus sites and strategies for. 

  • Heinz, who needs no introduction, has been a client of ours for over 2 years and we have delivered nearly a dozen websites for them.
  • Distell, an international alcohol group who own many recognisable brands. Distell has been our client for over a year and we have delivered 4 websites for them to date.

Problems our customers face

Our customers face a multitude of issues when it comes to ecommerce, usually starting with their technology stack and its capabilities. Clients often suffer from the following:

  • Technology stacks that cannot deliver what they need.
  • Complex systems that are far too time consuming and expensive to effectively test new ideas.
  • Websites and technologies that don’t or can’t accurately track user behaviour and gather quality analytical data.
  • Sales and offers that are not based on actual user wants and needs.
  • Bad search, filtering and navigation that frustrates users leading into low conversion rates.
  • Checkouts that have high amounts of friction and too many steps to complete.
  • Shipping strategies, offers and pricing that leads to basket abandonment.
  • Poor search performance due to low quality content or technical SEO issues.

Often our clients are looking for a partner to help guide them through the right technical approach, how to optimise and increase sales and how to strategically capture new customers and delight old ones.


Organic believes in the power of Shopify Plus and the incredible flexibility, expandability and ease of use that it provides clients.

Shopify Plus is Shopify’s enterprise ecommerce solution and comes with everything you’d expect but did you also know that Plus also has the following:

  • Powerful ePos solution built right in and fully integrated into the online store and its operations. Meaning no need to worry about buy in store ship later for out of stock products, email receipts or email marketing for your locations. All of that is controlled as a sales channel in your Shopify environment. 
  • Enterprise grade and extendible inventory and shipping controls, with integrations to 3rd parties, dynamic pricing and courier services right out of the box.
  • Enhanced and accurate analytics that are in platform, meaning no discrepancies that you get from cookie based approaches such as Google Analytics. Data can be pushed from Shopify into GA for high accuracy reporting.
  • Best in class 24/7 support, as well as having a success manager and a launch engineer to help you get going. Shopify provides 24/7 phone, email and chat support with experts to resolve your issues.
  • Deep rooted API’s that allow you to extend the platform to any need and even run the platform headless with other CMS systems to run content. We offer Shopfify partnered with Contentful for content rich ecommerce sites that need that level of content.
  • Up to 9 additional stores per standard contract, these can be in different regions, languages or offer different experiences. Each can be spun up with the click of a button.
  • Augmented reality experiences that provide customers with a futuristic way to interact with products.
  • A best in class payment gateway that promotes low friction purchases, Shopify Plus customers enjoy very low payment gateway rates compared to other providers like Paypal.

Organic works in a close partnership with its clients, providing access to industry experts across many disciplines. This allows us to not only build technically impressive systems but also enable our clients to have more data, train up on new skills, think more creatively and strategically and ultimately grow.


Organic has built ecommerce sites for various clients on Shopify Plus, 2 noteworthy ones are sites for Distell and Heinz.

Heinz  wanted to create their first ever D2C experience for customers as the pandemic started as well as to support front line workers. Organic built an e-commerce ecosystem in Shopify Plus that allows Heinz to spin up direct to consumer stores quickly and cost effectively in any region or language around the world. As a reaction to coronavirus, Heinz wanted to offer D2C products to counteract shipping issues to wholesalers and retailers as well as give front line workers a discount. The initial site went live within 2 weeks of starting the project and throughout the last 2 years Organic and Heinz and expanded the stores to cover 6 countries and 2 languages, each with their own independent stores and teams that are able to manage them. These stores are highly successful and allow Heinz to test ideas and put up PR products quickly for consumers (such as their online only christmas products). Organic continues to work with Heinz to add new features and expand the D2C offering.

Heinz Website build
Heinz website being displayed on tablet, mobile and desktop

Distell suffered from poor site reliability, bad data and frustrating user experiences. Organic built 3 brand new Shopify Plus stores for their 3 Scottish malt brands, utilising a core templating system so each site could be built quickly and receive updates from one and other. Reducing the build time and maintenance requirements as they are interconnected. Each site can still be managed independently for each team but can share features and updates. The stores have enjoyed 100% uptime since launch and have handled massive spikes in traffic during flash sales without any slow down. The sites now provide high quality and detailed user behaviour and checkout data that gives Distell the ability to make informed business decisions. Along with the technical platform to quickly test and learn which they have never had before.

Bunnahabhain website on desktop and mobile
One of the Distell websites we built on mobile and desktop