W Series website on a desktop

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Technology | UX, UI design, development.


After helping to launch the W Series brand and website, Organic were retained by the all-women’s motor racing championship to support their ongoing evolution following their inaugural season. This has resulted in a full redesign and rebuild of the W Series website.


  • After W Series launched digitally in 2019, a new website was required to reflect the brand’s coming-of-age. 
  • With a Formula One partnership formed, W Series needed a digital presence that reflected their stature and intent.
  • The new site needed to deliver more engaging content to users through enhanced functionality, with a more refined and consistent aesthetic to drive home visual excitement and impact. 
  • The site needed to be as automated as possible, ensuring that key functionality would update during race weekends with minimal user intervention.
  • The site also needed to offer scalability, with the F1 partnership promising more visibility for W Series.
W Series website on mobile
The mobile experience was given a complete overhaul, rethinking the user’s desire to use mobiles and tablets as a second screen experience whilst watching the race on the tele.


Given W Series’ growth and expansion, the digital experience was designed to reflect this, with added visual flair to reflect the brand’s vibrancy and status as a disruptive presence in the motor racing sphere. 

Data showed us two important user behaviour aspects: 

  1. Users wanted to know when races were happening and how to watch
  2. Users often used mobile devices as second screens during race weekends

These insights led to site structure, navigation, and page designs that made information easily accessible. To accommodate mobile more effectively, we created designs which ensured users could have a quick overview of page content, with fast, easy exploration of further content.

More complex elements and different race states required a design system that could house reusable modules, allowing for a consistent user experience. 

For the site launch, we also implemented new infrastructure to allow us to serve W Series users globally while reducing cost, energy requirements, and carbon emissions.

The website includes difference race-state experiences that change before and after the races. Here you can see the countdown to the next race.


  • Comparing the first weekend of the 2019 season with the first weekend of the 2021 season, users spent 67% more time on the site, indicating vast improvements in both content and user experience.
  • Technical and infrastructure improvements have also led to faster average page load time (37% quicker than the old site) which will deliver a better user experience. 
  • See the website here!
  • We are very proud to have been recognised for our work with W Series by DesignRush.
W Series website mega menu on desktop
For the desktop experience we developed a new exciting mega-menu which provides rich visual content to excite the user.