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When mining firm Power Resources Group purchased high tech alloy powder manufacturer Metalysis they had an opportunity to create something unique in the world of mining: an ethically-driven end-to-end manufacturer of metal powders. They came to Organic for help in distilling their vision, developing a brand story with depth, and creating a communication strategy to land their message with diverse audiences.


Power Resource Group is a mining and refining business with interests in the UK, Macedonia, and Africa. Unlike other mining companies they place a strong emphasis on ethics, paying workers well and ensuring their safety in a dangerous sector, developing less wasteful processes, and committing money and resources to environmental protections and community enrichment where they operate. They also use blockchain technology to track and trace every step of their process and ensure all their ores are conflict-free. 

Metalysis is a revolutionary British-based manufacturer of high tech alloy powders that are used by Space X, Boeing, the European Space Agency and many other brands. Their process of refining ores into powders is less wasteful than traditional methods.

When Power Resource Group purchased Metalysis they realised they had a truly unique proposition: an end-to-end manufacturer of premium alloy powders that is genuinely purpose driven, and takes great steps to apply ethics and fairness at every stage of its business. 

They wanted to use the Metalysis name as the new front of the company, and go to market with a brand position that moved them away from being a mining company and towards being a high tech brand. They also wanted a comms strategy that would entice new clients, and new investors, and position Metalysis as a desirable brand not only for the quality of its products but also the quality of its practices.


Our Brand Experience team delivered a package of research, workshop, and brand and comms strategy to create a new brand position for the brand. 

  • Extensive research undertaken on Power Resource Group, Metalysis, and the mining industry to help inform our understanding of the client and their industry.
  • Pre-workshop questionnaires delivered to all stakeholders to inform workshop creation. 
  • Delivery of a one day brand workshop. Following our established Brand DNA framework we took the stakeholders through and intensive interactive workshop to draw out key information about their brand, their objectives, their audiences, and more.
  • Synthesising the results of the workshop, questionnaires, and research into Brand Strategy and Comms Strategy documents. 


  • A powerful and unified brand story and position that aligned Metalysis with its key audiences.
  • A detailed brand strategy document that captured the vital elements of Metalysis using our Brand DNA method.
  • A 6 month comms strategy that gave a clear roadmap of the types of content to be produced in both digital, traditional media, and events and where and how this content would be disseminated.  
  • The project has led onto further work with Metalysis to help them implement the brand and comms strategies.
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Metalysis communications strategy