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Service and project type

Campaign Strategy | Creative Development | Asset Design


We had been working with Optimizely (then Episerver) across a number of services including UX, UI, Data and Analytics. This was a continuation of that relationship. 


Episerver acquired Optimizely in 2020 and decided to rebrand as Optimizely. This meant realigning the Episerver proposition with the Optimizely brand. Optimizely then wanted a campaign to raise awareness of Optimizely in the wider community, and get brands and decision makers to consider Optimizely when considering a DXP solution.


We undertook a phase of research and strategic planning followed by creative ideation to develop the final idea in partnership with the client. We also produced the assets.  

Optimizely’s main brand strength and proposition is its ability to fuel adaptation. It is also the story of the brand and its evolution from its start at Episerver. We knew that adaptation was also  a key concern for their target audience.

We used real life client stories to demonstrate how Optimizely could help businesses evolve their digital experience, making it vibrant, dynamic and adaptable to customer needs.  


The CEO and CMO were delighted by the campaign concepts and the client has moved into execution. 

I’ve worked with Organic on a range of projects, and as always, they ran a robust process to get from ideas to approved concept, had sound and strategic reasoning for their proposals, and delivered very high-quality creative work. Organic continue to be a trusted partner for us. This was a high profile project, under a very tight deadline, and you delivered – thank you!”

Andrew Davies

VP Corporate Marketing, Optimizely